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Failure: The Missing Ingredient To Success

How do we define success and failure for our kids?

How does our definition of failure impact our kids in the present and future?

What are the dangers of failure avoidance for our kids physically and mentally?

How can failure launch a child towards success?

How can we as parents help our kids ultimately succeed?


Sharon Perry (Founder/CEO of iBexEd) has taught math for more than 25 years in 5th grade through high school in a variety of venues: public, private, home schooling, and tutoring. She helped found a math and science academy in Austin and taught private writing and science classes. Through her years of experience as a mother and teacher, Sharon observed the younger generations’ rapidly growing needs in the areas of executive functions and emotional intelligence and started iBexEd to address these crucial needs of young people today. 


Her greatest achievements have been enjoying life with her husband of over 25 years and raising her 3 vibrant children, all who are out of the nest and flourishing in their careers and college.  



Wednesday, March 13, 2019 8:30am – 10:00am

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