Cougar Club Meeting: 1/16

Join us at 8:30 in the library to hear from the very approachable Steve Ramsey, WHS principal. We'll also have a vote for amending our bylaws to allow for 12 instead of 11 board positions, and all the latest about what's going on at the school. Coffee and snacks to tempt you as always!





8th Grade Career Fair: 1/29

Our goal is to expose our future high schoolers to a wide variety of career options and the people who have passionately pursued them. Do you have a career you'd like to share from 8:30-10am on January 29th? Contact Jacqueline Benitez-Rosso 





7th Grade Dance: 2/8

We have volunteer opportunities both day and night-of which we've found is a perfect time for dad's who rarely get the chance to see the middle schoolers in their natural habitat. To sign up, click here and pick your spot




Stay Tuned: 2/14 & 2/15

Look for upcoming information about our new "We love HCMS" event on 2/14 - it's sort of like our pie swap, but we moved it to Valentine's Day for more love and more than just pies! More info to come. Also, the 6th Grade Sock Hop is coming up 2/15 - this is a fun one to volunteer for, we'll be sending that out soon! 




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