HCMS. Not Just an Adequate School, but an Excellent One!

Our school consistently receives high marks. One of the things that makes this possible? Not things, but people! We could not be the district we are without the generous, financial support we receive each year from our families. Tax dollars simply no longer suffice.

So, in an effort to help our families plan for ways to participate, we've created a Fundraising 101 page that outlines all the required fees and optional donations you'll be asked to contribute to each school year. Take a look!

We're often asked by families if they've paid their fees and/or donated.

The first place we ask families to check is your Online Store purchase history and viewing details of all your orders. The second place to look? Look below for links to the Student Fees Payment List, Friends of Hill Country Campaign Donor List, and Cougar Club Membership Fees List. We hope these published lists will make it that much easier on our busy families to recall purchase history and prevent duplicate payments/donations!
Of course, if you think you have paid fees and/or donated and your name does not appear on our donor or fee list? Please do not hesitate to email us and we will address the issue at our earliest convenience. Submit inquiries to ‚Äč

Student Fees Payment List

Thank You to our Families Who Have Paid the Required $55 Student Fee

If you haven't already paid, head over to the online store – our budget counts on these fees!

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Friends of Hill Country Campaign Donor List

Thank You to our Friends of Hill Country Campaign Donors!

Congratulations to the 6th graders who won an ice cream social with 31.4% of the class donating to our Cougar Dash!  We also thank the 26.5% of the 8th grade families who contributed, as well as the 24.7% of the 7th grade families who gave. Are we still taking donations? You betcha! Our goal has always been 100% participation!!!
Click here to donate!

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Cougar Club Membership Fees Paid List

Thank You to our Families Who Have Paid Membership Fees for Cougar Club

$20 per family. All families are automatically welcomed in the club, but the Cougar Club simply can't exist without financial support and participation from our parents. Your membership helps toward dances for each grade, Career Day, monthly teacher lunches, library support and more!

Click here to pay Membership Fees.

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