HCMS. Not Just an Adequate School, but an Excellent One!

Our school consistently receives high marks. One of the things that makes this possible? The involvement of all of our kid's families through volunteering and fundraising. We could not be the district we are without the generous gifts of time and financial support we receive each year from our families. 

So, in an effort to help our families plan for ways to participate, we've created a Fundraising 101 page that outlines all the required fees and optional donations you'll be asked to contribute to each school year. Take a look! And if you like to give back through the gift of time, please check out our volunteer opportunities! 

thanks 2020-2021 donors and those who wish to remain anonymous!

If you donated as of 9/13/20 and don't see your name listed, please let us know at


Can't remember if you've paid your fees and/or donated?

It's now extremely easy for you to check your Online Store Purchase History and view the details of all your orders. It's in the upper right corner of any page. Piece of cake!

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